CryptoHub Ranks

Revenue Sharing

Embracing our inherently decentralized structure, our platform boasts a myriad of stakeholders, each holding a vested interest in our shared success. The orchestration of our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a collaborative effort, masterfully led by the following luminaries:

  • Profits are distributed in the same currency and network they are collected in the platform.

  • Only Stakeholders that attained a Rank gets profit distribution

  • Stakeholders can claim their monthly profits in their profile using their wallet

  • Users that made sucsessfull referrals can collect their comissions in the profile too.

Ecosystem Funds - We reserve 50% of the collected funds using them as the lifeblood of our platform, providing the necessary resources for innovation, expansion, and adaptability.

$HUB Investors - We reserve the remaining 50% to distributed to all $HUB Investors based on their staked HUB Tokens, hold the reins of our collective destiny.

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